Wesonator decamps to Studio CMI in the Swiss Alps

Hey all. I'm writing you from Studio CMI in the Swiss Alps to give you a little peak behind the scenes and a round up of some images and video material you may have seen on various social media pages.

All's going well here and we're nearing the completion of Leelo Pascal's Album. Once this done, it'll come to the UK with me to be mastered at the Sonic Cuisine.

Before that, I'll stay on a couple more days to record a local band. More on that as it happens.

It is amazing to be welcomed so warmly in a brand new studio. And it is an honour and a total pleasure to work for an artist who has such a clear vision and after all it is an engineer's greatest satisfaction to aid the artist achieve that goal and make them proud of their art.

A massive thank you to Terry Nelson from Studio Equipment for supplying me with the tools I need, to Leelo, Lamiryan, Kay-Yah, Izis, Neo & Onyx for looking after me, to Jaques & Steve for being cool new buddies, to Les Pedzes for putting my shaker skills to the test and for making me laugh uncontrollably and to Debbie and Swiper for putting up with me doing the job I love. x 

Some Audio News From The Sonic Cuisine

Hi all,

A quick post to keep you up to date on what's cooking at the Sonic Cuisine.

I've been spending some quality time up in Bradford with the Monster Jaw lads. We've recorded 4 new songs which we're in the middle of mixing.

Also just completed a mini tour with Australian hard rock band Deth Enemy in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. Mix work continues on the next Delta Unit instalment and I had the great pleasure of recording the amazing Elliott Randall for a Samuel Purdey song, which we'll start mixing in June.

I'll be in the Swiss mountains for 3 weeks, mixing Leelo Pascal's new album in his wonderful studio.

So, you can expect various social media updates on that. And talking about social media, I stumbled across one of Barry Rudolph's posts. Have a looksie, it's an all-star cast.


Keep in touch, see you when I get back and don't forget to keep an eye and ears on the stunning Underground Ally. We'll be diving back in the studio in June!

Action snap from the Monster Jaw sessions. The Advanced Audio CM67 working overtime on vocal and dulcimer duties.

Action snap from the Monster Jaw sessions. The Advanced Audio CM67 working overtime on vocal and dulcimer duties.


Wesonator & Mix "Build" $50K Analogue Studio

Mix Magazine asked me to write an article about spec'ing your own studio: My $50,000 old-school studio boasts brave analogue in a new digital world. And Markkus Rovito's $50K shows how to achieve a total in-the-box set up.

Click on the Mix Magazine March cover, below, to read the full article.

TC Helicon & VoiceCouncil load more Wesonator Vids

The Voice Council Youtube channel has been a little more populated with a couple of instructional videos about mixing consoles, ribbon mics, the RCA44 in particular and some handy tips about microphones and microphone pre-amps. All from the famous RAK studios.